Friday, January 4, 2013

same love

'And I can't change, even if I tried. Even if I wanted to.'

Are we who we are because of our upbringing? Our surroundings? Or are we literally born this way?  Majority of us are taught that it is a mixture of both, both our nature and nurture create the person we see in the mirror. I'm still on the fence, as I am about most things in life.

I know - biologically - there are many things about ourselves that we can't change. I know - physically - there are many things about ourselves we can change, but psychologically? Can we alter our personality to the point of complete difference? Is one's mind given up to the world, simply responding to each event in life? Or is it possible to actually change our minds

As curious as I am about much of what I don't understand, what I don't know, I honestly accept that. Curiosity sparks change, it's the first step to truly gain knowledge, the one thing that keeps pushing humanity to develop.

And I am content with being curious.


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