Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Summer and I often don't get along. Not only does it bring the potential of being locked away indoors because of horrid sunburn, but it also surfaces the many issues I have with my body. Trips to the beach are often in par with a string of thoughts about how I wish I stuck to my clean eating and exercising regime, or how I wished I had those 'hot-blonde-surfer-beach-chick' kinda feet.

It gets quite ridiculous.

I see those total babes wearing those skimpy bathers I wish I could pull off. The super tanned, fit males who I would never catch a glimpse from.

Though lately, I also see the families. The grandparents. The rest of the beach goers. The beautiful men, woman, children that I forget to see because I'm too busy worrying about the super models.

They help me remember that simple things often pointlessly consume much of our time.


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